You can also donate to us. Your donations to help and support our work in alleviating some of the repercussions of rightwing, racist and antisemitic violence are very welcome and will be highly appreciated. We use your donation to provide direct and unbureaucratic support to those affected by rightwing, racist and antisemitic violence.

Here are just a few examples of situations in which your donations can be used to help and support victims:

Due to an antisemitic physically violent attack, a pair of glasses of the victim was broken and damaged. With your donations, the affected person receives a comparable replacement of the damaged glasses. The ease with which the financial implications of replacing the glasses is addressed, can be a huge relief and in turn help to alleviate the added financial and physical implications in addressing the material damaged incurred as a result of the antisemitic violence. A quick unbureaucratic response signals support and can also be an indicator of the recognition of the experience of violence and injustice suffered.

An individual was verbally attacked and racially insulted by an unknown person on the public tram and also threatened with a knife. The victim is terrified and wants legal and/or professional advice in dealing with the situation, protect self and at the same time pursue the matter. Your donations make fast unbureaucratic support response possible. While at the same time signaling support for the victim, your donations also thus symbolize a statement of rejection of the racist act.

An arson attack is carried out on a restaurant. The perpetrators leave characteristic rightwing hate symbols and racist slogans and slurs. By this act of rightwing violence, the material and financial existence of the owner and the respective family is destroyed. With your donation, you provide important emergency aid thereby making basic survival for the family possible. This is turn creates some space for the family to address other personal and formal consequences and issues as a result of and relating to the attack. Your donations are indeed more than just finances in this case but also a strong expression of your solidarity.

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Donations are tax deductible. Please contact us for a donation receipt for the finance institutions, in case you need one.



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