soliport is an advice and counselling centre for individuals affected by right-wing violence in Bremen and Bremerhaven. The views and needs of those seeking advice form the focus of our activities. We support them in exercising their rights and in coping with the material and immaterial consequences of an attack. Our services are free of charge and are available to individuals directly affected by right-wing violence, people in their social environment and to individuals who have witnessed acts of violence motivated by right-wing extremism.

The aim of our work is to provide practical solidarity for individuals affected by right-wing violence so as to strengthen their agency.

We are currently being supported by the Youth Education Centre LidiceHaus. LidiceHaus actively promotes a society characterized by democracy, solidarity and equality. The name “Lidice” belonged to a municipality in the Czech Republic that was razed by the Nazis in 1942. Through this name, LidiceHaus commemorates both those who were murdered by and those who survived Nazi persecution and genocide.

We receive funding from the federal programme “Live Democracy!” (Demokratie leben!) and from the Senator for Social Affairs, Youth, Women, Integration and Sport Bremen.

soliport is part of the national Association of Counselling Centres for right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic Violence e.V.(VBRG e.V.). We build on the experience and expertise of advice and counselling offered by volunteers that became established at the end of the 1990s in spite of resistance from the state and society. Today, this experience and expertise underpins the work of the national association.

We also work proactively. When we hear of an incident of right-wing violence we seek out the people affected and offer them our support. We are grateful for information on incidents of right-wing attacks. We document such attacks in a chronicle. In addition, we offer educational work, follow and engage in public debates and attempt to sensitize the general public towards the causes and effects of right-wing violence.



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