No one should threaten or attack you because of criteria such as the way you look, the language you speak, your religion, your gender, your sexual orientation, homelessness, disability, poverty or your stance against racism and right-wing violence. Everyone has a right to freely develop their personality.

If you have been affected by right-wing violence, you can get support. You are not alone.

The advice and counselling centre soliport is here to help you if you have experienced right-wing, racist or anti-semitic violence in Bremen or Bremerhaven. It makes no difference whether you have been affected directly or whether someone you know experienced violence. Violence includes not only physical attacks, but also insults and threats. It is not important whether the incidents were criminal offences or reported to the police. Your point of view counts.

Our consultations are free of charge, confidential, anonymous if desired and independent of the police and secret services. We can come to the place where you would like to talk, or you are welcome to come to our office. We offer advice, support and assistance according to your needs.

What is right-wing violence?

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